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Original Soft Sweatbands

<div class="alt-part-number"> SB</div> Ultra thin yet absorbent. Won't tear, break, flake or become dry and brittle. Contains no chemicals. Never requires hydration to soften. Made of 100% Polyester cloth. Available in 25(SB25) & 100 (SB100) Pack Assortments

Traditional Absorbent Cellulose Sweatbands

<div class="alt-part-number"> SBR</div> Just dip in cold water, squeeze out and wear. Available in 25 (SBR25) & 100 (SBR100) Pack.

Traditional Deluxe Absorbent Cellulose Sweatbands

Part Number: SBD100

<div class="alt-part-number"> SBD100</div> Just dip in cold water, squeeze out and wear. Deluxe style features fine porosity, is thicker and more absorbent Available in 100 Pack.

Value Cellulose Sweatband

Part Number: SBX100

<div class="alt-part-number"> SBX100</div> Absorbs sweat and keeps it away from eyes and hands Provides cooling relief Simply dip in water to activate Anti mold treated Available in 100 pack

MiraCool® Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatbands

Part Number: 935-BL

<div class="alt-part-number"> 935</div> Easily attaches to hard hat suspensions with snaps Patent pending Packaged in large resealable bag Comes in 5-Pack